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July 31, 2008

Memories Triggered

I was driving with my sprogs today, and this song came on the XM 60's channel.

Mary, do you remember this?

I have nothing to blog about. Reading A LOT. Went to the beach for a few days. My back is now molting (ewww). And that's all!

Oh, If OIL goes down to $50 per barrel, go to youtube and search for Lindsey Williams on Alex Jones. Stephen, if you're reading this, this guy is a paranoid whack job. But entertaining!


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July 11, 2008

I Have A Dream This Afternoon...

Once Upon A Time

Americans could name the enemy... and we could make fun of him!

Could you see this ad today, with a fanatic muslim at the microphone and a woman in a burqa parading on the runway?

Nope, me neither. Sad, isn't it.



July 07, 2008

ain't no cure for the summertime blues

Like we have any of those here? Well, we do. From approximately 8:30am to 10:00am we do schoolwork. Then we have the blues. But otherwise? Both boys can swim - though Tim's only doggy paddling right now. We go to the zoo quite a bit - something tells me it's all happening there :)

and here's some pictures. Yes, that bike has no training wheels. Oh, and Aunt Mamy, Timmy loves the marble game. And Aunt Jenny, both boys adore that pirate ship!


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July 03, 2008

Penance - a clean post to counteract the last one

This is for Ambo. Mom says you're looking to remember the lyrics to the song we used to have in Sunday School. I found a reference to it, called God's Family, but I remember the lyrics a little differently:


All grownups all children, all mothers and fathers are sisters and brothers in the family of God.


I am a person, God made me special, you are a person and you're special too. All of God's children are our sisters and brothers; there are so many good things we can do.

I don't remember anything else, but the good pastor has the real words, not the ones I remember. I'll see if I can dig up a real recording.


July 02, 2008

Close Your Iddy Biddy Eyes, Yakky

Funny how memory changes things. I finally found Yakky Doodle Duck on Youtube (with his buddy Chopper the Dog).

Seems the quote was "close your big brown eyes, yakky." Ah well.

This post is only for the most juvenile and purile amongst you. If you are mature, please go elsewhere.

John and I were talking the other day (we do that sometimes), and I said the line "keep the tip!" Can't remember why I said it, but it took us both back to a joke we first heard somewhere along the lines of middle school. So, then, it led us to other, non-pc, "dirty" jokes that could be remembered by the punchline.

It's kicked off what I call the Punchline Project. Here are the gems we remembered:

  • I don't know, but my @ss sure hurts!

  • move, Spot, before he poops on you!

  • Grumpy f'ed a penguin!

  • Why do you ask, Two Dogs F'ing?

There are, of course, others. I'm wondering how many of my transient readers remembers any of these jokes. Or is it only my crazy husband and I that still giggle at these tawdry things?



July 01, 2008

In a Soft Rock Mood

"when the pain of love surrounds you and the world may be unkind
I'll put my loving arms around you, take you far from this place and time"

I really love this riff in this song - and a couple of other softies. What is it? Not the words. Sheesh. It's the harmony. If you like vocal harmony, just listen to this section of this song.

I've been able to load up my iPod every couple of days, because the boys and I are spending a lot of time walking. I can listen to tunes as I make sure they don't walk in front of a car. It has an added bonus of shielding my ears from their incessant back and forth jibes.

(did you know that Stinky is a dumb-head? Moth assures us all it is true.)

So, I leave you for the evening, as I listen to the crooning Philly sound of classic Hall and Oates... ahhh, Sarah, smile already. Your song makes me smile, fo sho.



Better Living Through Chemistry

So, I put my whiteboard from my old job in the boys' room (see pics below). Of course, as anyone who has used a whiteboard knows, the erasers only work so well. If you really want it white, you have to use that whiteboard cleaner stuff.


I went to staples to see the primary ingredients. Isopropyl alcohol, some t-butanol, I think. Well, rubbing alcohol works just dandy. So does non-acetone nail polish remover. But rubbing alcohol is cheaper.

(And, as far as the boards themselves go, you can buy this wall covering at any home despot and cut it into whatever size you want: just buy melamine or white tileboard. It IS whiteboard. Only it costs like $15 for a 4x8 sheet. That's a teacher trick, btw.)


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