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January 31, 2015

Kids are the Most Fun Ever.

So, I don't know if you know, but we had Snowmageddon this week. Well, not really.

We were possibly maybe sortof gonna get hit by the Storm That Buried Boston. But it went east, so it missed us. Of course, it went east AFTER it stirred up a major brouhaha (and didn't I have to google THAT spelling!) amongst our local weather agents.

Monday afternoon, my school district sent us all home at noon - in flurries. By evening, every school in the region had closed, based upon the certain impending snowpocalypse. But we'd received no official word from our schools here in the dusty aviary.

So, the phone rings. Of course, it's the auto-dialer from the school announcing closure. But I answer it, interjecting a "no" or "not really" here and there. Stinks wasn't fooled until I said, "Look, please take me off your call list," well after the auto-message was over.

Then John moved in with part two of the prank. He sent me an email, subject: "Not So Fast," saying he "found" this on the local news website:

From Philly.com:

   (BlahBlah Township, PA) Most Philadelphia suburban schools will close Tuesday in preparation for a massive snowstorm that threatens to cause commuting headaches from Philadelphia to Boston.
    But one area principal is taking a stand, declaring that schools are too quick to close in inclement weather, angering and inconveniencing parents .
    Dan BlahBlah, principal of BlahBlah Middle School in BlahBlah PA, has declared that his school will be open Tuesday, even if snow accumulations reach over a foot.
    "Basically, we have faith in our township clean-up teams can keep the roads clear and make sure that our students won't miss a day of school"BlahBlah  said.
    BlahBlah's stand is not popular with the students

 (of course, I he had the real principal's name and the real school and area name)

Now, you can tell by reading this that my spouse is a journalist at heart. He's also a bigger tease than ANY Harvey. He's just quieter about it. 

We eventually, after much guffawing, did give up that we were faking it and school had called out. Stinks insisted that he saw right through Dad's email, but that I had him with the telemarketer scheme.

Next morning, when a grand total of 1.5 inches had fallen (thank the Lord), John got the kids up and said that they'd changed the closure to a 2 hour delay, because the storm missed us.

They hadn't, of course.

Whatever will we do to entertain ourselves when the grow up? Of course, if they're like us, they'll never grow up.