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July 01, 2008

In a Soft Rock Mood

"when the pain of love surrounds you and the world may be unkind
I'll put my loving arms around you, take you far from this place and time"

I really love this riff in this song - and a couple of other softies. What is it? Not the words. Sheesh. It's the harmony. If you like vocal harmony, just listen to this section of this song.

I've been able to load up my iPod every couple of days, because the boys and I are spending a lot of time walking. I can listen to tunes as I make sure they don't walk in front of a car. It has an added bonus of shielding my ears from their incessant back and forth jibes.

(did you know that Stinky is a dumb-head? Moth assures us all it is true.)

So, I leave you for the evening, as I listen to the crooning Philly sound of classic Hall and Oates... ahhh, Sarah, smile already. Your song makes me smile, fo sho.




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