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April 13, 2008


As I was driving through Germantown to get to work on Friday, one of the little roads was blocked off by cops. As I made my way around in the up-a-block-back-a-block dance, I got to see what the hubub was (bub.). A car had managed to do a flip on a tightly-packed residential street. How it got the speed or area to do such a thing still has me agog. This is the kind of wreck you usually see on the side of the turnpike (having seen them many times, I can vouch for this). But on a block where there are cars on both sides and stop signs everywhere? HOW???

So, I guess that should have previewed things to come. The day was not a car wreck, or a train wreck. The kids are getting used to me, for the most part, I think. They certainly appreciate that I'm a train wreck, most of the time, and tread warily. I finally have a working door, so I don't have to worry about being accosted in the middle of class anymore. Whoot!

But as I was driving home, I saw another accident. This time, it was hit and run. I mean, I'd always wonder who would do such a thing. Then I watched her do it. I wish I could say: Lady in the green car, I gave your information to the guys you hit. I was right behind you, and though I'm not the most observant person in the world, we were stopped for a full minute before you got away. So I got your license plate and make/model of your car.

But I didn't.

Does that attest to how braindead I am by Friday afternoon?


We are well in the dusty aviary. Spring has sprung in Philly tradition, going from 45 degree days to 70 degree days. We have no spring, except for the pollen that daunts Stinky and I.

Stinky is really amazing right now, reading everything in sight. I've watched his transformation this year, from the kid who barely tolerated trying to sound things out (and cried in frustration most nights) to the kid who can read basic chapter books. His teacher is really AMAZING. They're doing fractions (in first grade?!) and he gets it. Of course, he's ready for summer break, but still.

His growth this year -academically - has been amazing. Now, his taste in movies is turning stinky... he liked star wars episode 1 - the stupid trade war movie with the awful Oliver-like kid actor. Normally, he and I are like birds of a feather when it comes to movies, but this is a bad omen.


The Moth has come back home after a week at John's parents' house. He has trouble with his tenses, though. He keeps saying things like "tomorrow, when I was at Granny and Poppy's house..." or "yesterday, I'm going to go swimming." Goofball.

After seriously considering the situation, I believe that timothy has a condition known in scientific circles as Antius innus Pantium. The boy will not stop moving, unless he is sleeping. Even then... well, we should take him out of the top bunk soon, I think.

We did notice something else when he was gone: our food and milk usage was quite a bit smaller. The kid can eat. But he's not fat. He's tall and muscular and not a Tood to be messed with. Yet again another harbinger?

Well, that's the news, and I'm off


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