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December 19, 2012

Thoughts on a movie

Our school had a field trip today for the US History students. We went to see Lincoln.

Now, I'm not one for long movies. I'm also not one for history. But I really, really enjoyed this movie. I thought it was a tribute to the man and the trials he went through. There was good, subtle humor. All in all, it was quite good.

But man was it uncomfortable being in the theater with my 100 students, most of whom are black, hearing white people expound on how blacks are not human, how they don't deserve to be held equal under the law. It's one thing reading that people espoused these views. It's another completely to see them arguing it.

I don't think most of them got what was being said. I don't think they understood that the Stevens school - the beautiful school across the street from our own school - is named for that ugly man who fought so hard for the amendment to pass. (and who would have thought Tommy Lee Jones would be in a period piece?)

Talking to them after the film, many said they slept, or they thought it was boring. One quote: "We didn't even get to see him get shot."

Alas. Teenagers.

But since this image is what came to mind when they said we were doing this trip, I guess I'm not much better.


So, we're all ready for Santa to send us the coal this year. No Rogers Chronicles is forthcoming. The dirty bird is too "depressed" to write them. Harumph. He's reading too much Drudge, I tell you. He should stick to Entertainment Weekly. That's what I read. That and New Scientist. None of this "gloom and doom Mayan apocalypse would be a relief" attitude for me. It's quite the trend switch. Usually I'm the grump.

The boys are quite excited. Moth hasn't stopped bouncing since turkey day. Stinks is even nice most of the time, and picking out holiday tunes on the keyboard. Even Loki's got into the spirit with a pair of jingly antlers. Well, he doesn't don them voluntarily, but it's still festive, and quite funny.

I have dug out all my myriad Christmas tunes. I want to know where the trend in songs about women prostituting themselves to santa got started. There is, at the least, "I saw mommy kissing santa clause" and that horrific ditty "Santa Baby." If I had a time machine, I'd go back and disembowel the writers of these songs. These tunes have no redeeming traits. None. And they encourage talentless hacks like Madonna and Brittany Spears to have holiday singles. That, alone, is a firing-squad offense.

Well, on that note (ha ha) I'm going to go take the kids out to supper. Check it out. Happy Christmas to all, far and near. And, Mary, if you read this, Mom got a card here from Donna Brown. I'll forward it this weekend, if I can remember to!