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June 11, 2010


So, I got a crazy spam / phishing scam this week. It started out... I've been paid to terminate you.

And they didn't mean to fire me.

It went on to detail how the writer had been following me between work and home and had been paid to kill me. The entire email was full of threats against my person that would occur unless I paid $15000.

Well, I knew it was a phishing scam. But it was freaky! So I forwarded it to my husband, asking if he thought I should report it to police. I mean, just because I knew it was fake, well, someone else might take it seriously.

Well, My Dear Loving Husband didn't even think it was worth a mention. Someone threatens to kill me and john's like, Whatever... or maybe he was like "Free at last! Free at last!!"

Or so I thought. I sent it to the wrong email address. (birdbrain!)

So I asked him about it ("Hey, what did you think of that email where the dude said he was going to whack me?"), and he got a little worried. Much better reaction! He read through the email and didn't like it at all. But after thinking, he wasn't too worried. His point was, what could you possibly have done to warrant execution? Written a bad fanfic? Snert. I'm such a square.

He eventually got it to the cops, who filed a report that will go nowhere. But they said they'd seen scams like this before which is (?) comforting.

But if you hear about my untimely demise, well, look no further than specter99159@hotmail.com...

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