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February 13, 2013

I Am Not An Animal!

Today is parent teacher conferences. I wore a skirt and heeled boots. Now, I haven't worn heels in forever because of that foot injury - it's all due to an injured achilles tendon. If that tendon gets cramped, I rip the muscles in my foot. So I wear flat shoes. But today, for the parents, it's a skirt and fancy schmancy boots.

First mom calls me a "lady." A LADY can you believe?
Then the Spanish teacher whistles at me and asks if I have a hot date.
The principal looked at me and started smiling and congratulating me on my outfit.

Sheesh, you'd think I normally dress like a slob... wait...

They should be tolerant. At least I no longer wear my dead uncles' clothes!!


Things are well in the dusty aviary. Tim has decided chorus is fun again, since he got to sing the national anthem at the high school basketball game, then Dad let them stay for the whole game (go Fords! Yes, apparently the team mascot is a ford. I totally get where it comes from, but come on. That's got to be the lamest mascot since John's alma mater: the hustlin Quakers. Go Quakers! Fight!... No! Don't Fight!! Be Peaceful but Hustle!!)

Stinky was not amused. He went because 1) the alternative was staying home with mom and 2) he knew dad was taking them to mickey d's for supper. But he didn't expect to have to watch an entire basketball game. What is the world coming to? Much eye rolling was witnessed, and several heaving sighs. I believe that my stinky comes from an Austen novel. I hope, however, it is not Sense and Sensibility. I hate that book.

Dad was amazed that the boys eat as much as he does at McDonalds. I wonder where he's been for the last 2 years. They're both as tall as I am and they haven't hit the major growth spurt yet. He's yet to understand that if he wants them not to eat their own food and his, too, he has to order something they don't like. Those new fish mcbites might do the trick.

I sometimes think I "prefer" to drink bitter, barely milky coffee simply to keep the kids out of it.

Speaking of coffee, we have a "carafeless" coffee maker. (ours didn't cost this much.) Four times now, my mother has stated that she didn't realize our coffee maker didn't have a pot. "How long have I been here and I didn't realize that?" Except she did. :(  She used to clean it out. Heck, she even used to make coffee in it.

So, what do you do when this kind of blatant memory lapse occurs? Do you ignore it and agree with her (what I've been doing.)? Or do you gently correct, making her realize that she's losing her memory way faster than she thinks but hoping to spur memory? I honestly don't know, but I'm going to ask the doctor. I'm not a psychologist, and no matter how much I need one, I've never gone to one.

and now, parent teacher conferences. Yeah!