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April 15, 2012

Clean or Green?

 It’s been a bit more than a year since the second scariest disaster in my adult lifetime. Last year’s earthquake/tsunami/meltdown was one of the gravest scenarios I can remember. Chernobyl was horrific, as was the Indonesian tsunami. In my mind, this tragedy put those two scenarios in one big, sucky package.

New Scientist had a special report on the Fukushima Legacy. The first article contained some very interesting points – like how most of the nuclear plant structures themselves held up completely through one of the most powerful quakes ever recorded. Engineers are pretty damn cool.

The second story was a highlight on the folks who stayed behind. Some farmers stayed behind to see how crops handle nuclear fallout. Some folks even stayed behind to help the animals who were abandoned: in fact, they’re letting the cows EAT the cesium-laden grasses, since cows don’t process cesium, but instead concentrate it in their feces.

And then, the main focus article: this tragedy’s global effect and the terrible news on the carbon cuts.

Yes, I said carbon cuts. Not radiation flumes in the ocean. Not generations of uncertainty in that area. Not even an exposé on how natural disasters could do the same to other power plants.

It seems that this disaster has convinced Italy (who has had its fair share of earthquake/volcano tragedy. Pompeii, anyone?) and Germany (who… well… hmm. Not sure why earthquake inspired tidal waves scare the landlocked Germans. But what do I know?) to abandon all nuclear power.

In order to fulfill their solemnly sworn Carbon Cuts, Germany is in deep kimchi. They will have to BUY their electricity from FRANCE (who fahts in the face of zees nuclear-phobes!) in order to keep their carbon emissions down. Else, to meet electric needs, they will have to –eep!- burn more coal!! Yikes!

So, greenies, what’ll it be? Nukes or Carbon?


And now, for a side, gross observation. You know how someone’s nails look when they gnaw on them? No, I don’t mean a nibble. I mean a full-on, slobber-inducing gnaw. You know the below the nub, jagged, dirty look the nail gets? I saw somebody with that today. On his/her TOENAILS. ALL OF THEM.

And yet, I could still eat my lunch, undeterred. While trying to figure out just how to contort oneself to a position which allows said gnawing. Or does the significant other gnaw for you? chomp chomp chomp this salad has some weird crunchy things in it chomp chomp chomp.

Just shows what a glutton I am.


I’m in full task avoidance mode. It’s Sunday, and it’s the only day this baseball.soccer.cub-scout mom has to do work outside of work. I do not know how or why most moms do this.  I’m all for having recluses as children. But the dirty bird says NO. And so, while he does his best to see that practices/ games/ events are on days/nights that he is here, I have been drafted as a (gasp) Soccer Mom. And Sunday, after church, is the only time that is sacrosanct. No driving for me.

So I have to get lesson plans done.

Chemistry? Check. Easy enough. Been there, done that. Etc.

Physics? Not so much. New unit. Thank god for a friend who gave me all her plans. Else, I would be the one in deep kimchi. Still, I am NOT looking forward to E&M and optics. In fact, one could say I DREAD it. Never liked this crap, let alone wanted to teach it. Alas. Alack. Anon.

So, I have everything done, except my physics plans. I’ve dusted. I’ve swept the floor. I’ve BLOGGED for goodness sake.

I guess I better get to work.


CUlater, gators.