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October 23, 2006

It’s All In The Arm

Genetics are a funny thing. Stinky is shaped like Dad, but he’s got the eyes of birdwoman. (I’ve never known quite how expressive and mean they can be! Yikes!). Moth has the shape of my family, but his Daddy’s expressions (and dimples. Unlike Daddy, however, Tim smiles so much that the dimples are quite evident.)

One thing Tim got, though, came from my Grandma Harvey. When he walks, his left arm swings with purpose. Doesn’t matter if he’s walking fast or slow, that arm is pumping away. Just like my grandma.

So now I’m wondering what else I could see, could I remember my grandparents. Would there be some Grandpa Hewitt in Tim, or maybe some Grandpa Harvey in Sean? I wish I remembered them better, but perhaps I don’t need to. Perhaps they’re there, in me, in my brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews… They gave us what we need to go forward and live, remembering them by living well.

Whoa! Deep Thought! Must be all those lib arts classes I’m taking. No fear, it will be temporary, I’m sure!



It’s Elephant Season

You know, I think I’ve found the BEST thing about TIVO. It’s the end of October in a big election year. My area has some huge elections at stake (Santorum, Rendell). I have not seen a SINGLE political ad.


I have seen one yard sign I found kind of humorous. It was for a local guy. In big letters:
with a Republican elephant underneath. As if people don’t liken republicans with Nazis already… seems like a darn shame.

So, I’m not going to know who to vote for, since I haven’t had ads to tell me what to do. But I’m not voting for Adolph, that’s for sure. (He’s not in my district.)