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June 21, 2009


Little mothy has become quite the tall tale teller.

Last night at supper, for some reason, we were talking about girlfriends. Sean has a girlfriend... tim has a girlfriend. And of course, Daddy had more than his part in the teasing.

Tim turns to dad and says "you have a girlfriend, too!"

Dad says, "Mom doesn't count!"

Tim says, "Nuh uh, the lady up the street. That one time you made me go home by myself so you could watch tv with her..." and the story goes and goes. John's jaw is dropping farther and farther.

It's all completely untrue. And tim told it quite convincingly.

I guess he should be getting ready for law school sometime soon.


Stinky is doing well; this constant muck of a spring has been quite to his taste. He comes in every day swathed in mud and then proceeds to destroy my bathroom. Boy heaven. He also loves his new doggy and "hates" his brother.

Just today, they were out playing at the fort. Sean's best friend in the 'hood is a bit of a Dudley Dursley. He proclaimed himself grand high emperor of emperors today and declared that Tim couldn't be in the army. For some reason, Dudley likes to pick on Tim. Tim can take care of himself, though, for sure. I have a feeling that soon, the grand high emperor of emperors will be sporting a big black and blue mark.


School is still winding down. Unbelievably. It seems like the friggin energizer bunny. But we're almost there. Almost there. Maybe this summer I'll figure out this new operating system and be able to post new pics and print stuff out. Until then, as the babes and dudes of the Lawrence Welk show used to sing, "Adios, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersein" (goodnight)