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March 03, 2015

What's More Scary?

I work in this crazy-old building. It's got "character." It's got so much old/crazy about it that it was used as a haunted school in a rather big movie. (I'm still a little leary of walking past the gym for fear of seeing dead people.)

One of the charms is its plumbing (or lack thereof). We have a bathroom for teachers on my floor. It's this long room (doubles as a server room, HA!) and has a little closed-off water closet. This is co-ed.

So, on my lunch break today, I had to make a call on nature. The light was on, which is our signal for "in use."

I hate that.

So, what's more scary? Going in after a dude has come out, the toilet seat is down and quite warm? Or going in after a chick (who's been in there for a rather large amount of time) and finding the seat up?

Both have happened to me in the last week or so.

Next time you complain about the temperature in your office, think of me, with my room either 90 or 50 because our antiquated boilers can only imitate rings of Dante's inferno. Think of me sharing that crappy (pun intended) bathroom with all and sundry because the only other teacher bathroom in the top 3 floors of the building has sewage backups.

And know that I'm still having more fun at my job every day than most people have in a month!

not that I won't take another 2 hour delay, if that's what this ice brings us.

Over and out!