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November 27, 2013

Happy Turkey Day from a Bunch Of Turkeys!

So, my mother is with us for the holiday.

It is such a blessing. She is suffering from major withdrawal, you see. Housework withdrawal. When she is awake, she is puttering in the kitchen, cleaning the living room, cleaning the kitchen, puttering in the living room, or doing puzzles.

As a result, I haven't washed, dried, or put away a dish since Saturday. I also have no dust on my TV and the floors have been swept 3 times. Maybe 4. Point five. :)

The one down side is that all four of us haglets are in the upstairs bathroom. I knew this would be an issue. But not the kind you might think, gentle reader.

We all use the same kind of soap. Those boys all use the same kind of shampoo. No problem, right?

The problem is towels.

So I have a towel rack, next to the shower. I put the two towels (new, matching ones!) that John and Moth use on that rack. I put my towel on the hook on the back of the door as FAR from the shower as possible, to limit the possibility of boy contamination. Stinky's towel is also on the door.

Usually, I'm first in first out. Today, I took the day off, and I went into the bath after Stinks. His towel was dry, but he had just taken a shower.

Me: "What towel did you use?"

Stinks: "The one closest to the shower."

Me: "... I imagine that's the same one your brother and father both use, for the same reason..."

Stinks: *shrug*

So, when John got up, I mentioned the whole thing to him. He also shrugged.

Me: "Eew. You're all using the same towel! Isn't it all wet then all hard?"

DB: "It only gets that way because Stinks doesn't hang it up right."

My mind went back to when we were dating, and I had to explain that towels need to be washed, even though they are only drying "clean water" off of you. I guess he didn't believe me.

Boys are gross. But I like them anyhow.

They're my turkeys, after all!