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November 22, 2008

Whaz Happenin

It's almost December. Although time does not fly, I can't believe it's almost December.

Stinky is about to turn 8. He reaches my chin already. Of course, I'm vertically challenged. But still. The moth is up to my... errr... chest. But Sean somehow got to practically eye height while I blinked. How'd he do that? Just today we were remembering some of the things he used to say... like...

When he was little Sean had a boat (in his imagination). If he liked you you were "on his boat", and if he didn't or you made him mad, you were "off his boat." If there was something you liked... say a movie or something... he had that on his boat, only better.

I always wondered, at the time, how parents could look fondly back on those endless, tiring years. But what do you know? I'm looking back fondly. Weird.

The house of Bird is cold. We keep the heat down and global warmening seems to have stalled this year. I went running this morning and froze my fingers. I had gloves on, but still lost feeling about 2 miles out. Had to turn around and beat feet home. And the sun was up and everything. Bummer.

School is school. Violence is down; class attendance is up. I still can't teach my way out of a paper bag. I can't seem to get across that protons are positive, electrons are negative, neutrons are neutral. 70% of my kids still don't get that. And I'm supposed to move on to bonding. I can't reteach this stuff anymore. They just don't get it.

It's frustrating, really very much so. But at the same time, it's more frustrating when they won't do anything, for the most part, and then get mad when I fail them. Like, what the hell? This isn't poetry. You can't listen and expect to understand. But they think they can. They think that they can listen a few minutes, chat the rest of class, and still get enough info to pass. The combination of (baseless) arrogance and apathy is toxic.

Enough of that.

I've been reading the chronicles of Eve Dallas in my spare time these days. I read some a few years ago, but Ms. Smith sure can churn them out!! I love this character, and it's enough romance and sci-fi to take me away better than Calgon ever could.


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November 07, 2008

I've got something on my mind...

an old commercial... John's taken to new old libations recently and it reminds me both of old times and of older brothers. Do you remember this commercial? I seem to remember it differently, but I do remember the song. Did they do a whole bevy of these?

Meanwhile, another brother (I have so many) has sent me another blast from the past. I have always hated losing games. Won't play them, mostly. So, they got me these books of games you can't lose. Well, someone has posted them all. I actually took them kind of seriously as a kid... you know, I could finally win!!