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February 27, 2008

Oh Heisenberg!

I have proof that Heisenberg's principle holds true on the macro-scale world!!

If you have a room full of hoodlum students, their behavior will be altered by being observed.

I wish observers would come every day, especially first period.

meanwhile, we had lockdown yesterday and today because there were huge fights and rioting in the school yesterday. I'd link to the story, but I don't want my website traced. Bad enough that they will find me eventually.



February 25, 2008

Stinky's Theory

Sean displayed a key piece of wisdom tonight: The more worser somethings tastes, the better gooder it is for you.

makes sense, no?


Engineer Tim continues to be crazy. He walks around the house in his enineer hat and sunglasses (corey hart, eat your... hart out) carrying my old train tickets. What a weirdo. Gotta love him!


I've managed to be assigned another class at school. It seems that one of the other teachers - one with 2 years experience (I have 2 weeks) - has decided to stop showing up for school. So they reward her with lightening her load for when she comes back. I get one of her classes.

Show up, get punished. The students are torqued, I'm exhausted, and the only one who benefits is the slacker. I always knew life wasn't fair, but wow. This takes the cake.


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February 16, 2008

Dirty Ham!

Tim was in daycare this week, since Mom was sick. He got sent to school with a bologna sandwich one day. He came home, glowering at his dad.

"My sammich was yucky. It had dirty ham."

bologna = dirty ham

one translation down, about a zillion to go.


Meanwhile, Stinky is watching a new (old) show. Dad got out "Land of the Lost" for him. (and the theme song will now be stuck in my head for the rest of the weekend. Thanks Dirty Bird.)

John and I were discussing the show and how crazy it was when he said, "This is like LOST for kids." And we both realized... whoever writes Lost must be Land of the Lost fans. It's just too coincidental.



the week to end all weeks

OK, I started my new job, took my mom to the ER, got my mom out of the hospital, got reamed in a review, and got the flu. All in a little more than a week.

Does that count as excuse enough to not blog?

So what, besides that garbage, has happened?


I read an article detailing how our Wonderful Mr. Fumo from Philly has a little bit of a bookkeeping issue. It seems his home, which he purchased for about $200,000 a number of years ago, has increased substantially in value. He put it up for sale at 7 million.

Problem is, he's been paying taxes on a $200,000 property the whole time.

His house was reassessed, but somehow, that reassassment paper vanished.

Just another case of the rich getting richer. But since he's a democrat, you'll never really hear about it.

Speaking of Democrats, I've decided I'm voting for Mr. Obama in the primary. (yes, I'm a registered Democrat. Believe it or not.) The reasons? 1) he earned his chops. Ms. Clinton got elected because of her name. 2) he has the least clout, therefore the least ability to forward the socialist agenda.

On the personal front, not a whole lot is going on. Stinky and the Moth are ready to play outside again. Stinky has cub scouts to get him through. The Moth, though, doesn't have a lot of outlets. This morning, he was putting together trains and singing along with a CD his grandma gave him. I never thought my suburbanite kid would be singing about moose and milk cows. He does like to sing. Especially while making train tracks. weird kid.

I'm torn about telling stories about my job now, but I guess I can tell this one. One of my kids was really unhappy on Friday. She told me she wanted to stab me. I said, "OK, just do it quick and use something sharp." Then I said, "wait, my life insurance isn't paid up yet, can you wait a few months?" She looked at me like I was from another planet, which, I guess, I am. But it diffused the anger!

I'll tell you what, my days do fly by now! NEVER a dull moment


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