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July 02, 2008

Close Your Iddy Biddy Eyes, Yakky

Funny how memory changes things. I finally found Yakky Doodle Duck on Youtube (with his buddy Chopper the Dog).

Seems the quote was "close your big brown eyes, yakky." Ah well.

This post is only for the most juvenile and purile amongst you. If you are mature, please go elsewhere.

John and I were talking the other day (we do that sometimes), and I said the line "keep the tip!" Can't remember why I said it, but it took us both back to a joke we first heard somewhere along the lines of middle school. So, then, it led us to other, non-pc, "dirty" jokes that could be remembered by the punchline.

It's kicked off what I call the Punchline Project. Here are the gems we remembered:

  • I don't know, but my @ss sure hurts!

  • move, Spot, before he poops on you!

  • Grumpy f'ed a penguin!

  • Why do you ask, Two Dogs F'ing?

There are, of course, others. I'm wondering how many of my transient readers remembers any of these jokes. Or is it only my crazy husband and I that still giggle at these tawdry things?




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