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June 10, 2017

The Shirt

Recently, Moth's natal anniversary passed. He is now well and truly into his teenage years. He's still a goofball, and kind of like a very large puppy, he looks a lot older than he acts.

So, Moth's birthday was on a Sunday, and Amazon delivered a package. I was out when it came. Apparently, Mothy was so excited that Amazon just sent him a free package that he didn't even look for any paperwork. It said it was for MothMan of the Dusty Aviary, so it was his!

I came home to Dad and Stinky laughing. Apparently Moth had just put on The Shirt and worn it around. John said it reminded him of a Brady Bunch episode...

 Upon seeing The Shirt, I had to agree. Unfortunately, I never got a picture of him in it, as I came home later.

At one point, after I got the story of the Free Package From The Amazon Gods,  I asked Tim to find the package The Shirt came in. He was convinced it was just a freebie from Amazon. Of course, it wasn't: 

Then comes the awkward. Did granny and poppy really order The Shirt for Moth? I send a text with the picture saying something to the effect of "Hey, the shirt came! Thanks!" But before the text went through, the weekly phone call occurred. Talk about dancing around it. "Tim thought the shirt was really... neat! Thanks! Yeah, it fits fine." But Granny with her granny radar knew something was up. Thus began a text/mail dance until the picture finally got through. This is the email I received:

"Tell me this is you two being evil parents again

Sent from my iPhone"

and shortly later, when she had access to an actual keyboard:
 OMG is this what Amazon sent????

so, no, it was supposed to be a completely different shirt: an under-armor thingy that sporty Tim also loved. They have not gone the way of the grandparents from 16 candles.

I just LOVED that he saw The Shirt as a gift and didn't care what it looked like. He actually thought it was cool! (Until Stinky and Dad made the ever-living fun of him that is. )

There's some life outlook thing in there somewhere. I'm not deep enough to pick it up. Maybe you are?