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September 21, 2010


I was driving home tonight when I noticed some acerbic bumper stickers on a car.

The one that caught my eye was "work harder! millions of people on welfare are depending on you!"

I chuckled. Then I saw the driver. In her post office uniform.

Do you find that ironic? I do!


September 09, 2010

where it at?

I'm sure all 2 of you out there have wondered where I've been.

Fact is, I've been avoiding reality! No?! Gosh! It's amazing how well I can kill time... my imagination is endless in its scope of avoidance... but, alas, September is here, and so is school.

School is actually pretty good - my schedule is awesome with less than 1/2 the student roster I had last year. None of my classes is overbooked. Some of the material is stuff I've taught, but I have a really hip new course to teach, and that makes the nerd in me just hum with excitement.

We ended the summer with a bang... or a series of drips. Labor day, our water heater decided to pee all over the basement floor. New water heater is SOOOO hot... wonder if our gas bill will go down? The old one was from 93... is that a good amount of time for a water heater? Bonus? Our basement floor is clean, again.

And it didn't happen when my mother was staying with us. So she can't claim credit.

The boys are excited for a new school year. Not. But I think they're happy to see friends. Tim is actually excited for the year. He's my little nerd. Sean is such a good artist, it's kind of scary to me. He sees things in pictures, color and stuff, that I never can see. I just see that it looks good when he's done. I don't think he'll ever be an academic, but he's got some really interesting talents in there. I can't wait to see how he turns out, when the thermometer pops out of his gut... or however you know when kids are done.

John is still searching. There's one good potential on the horizon, though it will mean 12 hour days for him and single motherhood for me.

If that's the worst thing that happens, I'll be thanking my lucky stars!

And now, off to more avoidance! (lesson plans? what are they?)