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February 20, 2011

What's New, Pussycat?

So, the Mom Effect has taken place once again.

Every year, my mom comes and stays with us. Every year something breaks. We like to blame her; makes her feel important! :)

This year, both my cell phone (my link to the world, since I drive into the ghetto daily, is very important), and my recently acquired (from John) iPod suffered. My phone wouldn't hold a charge anymore, and the back fell off at random intervals. My (John's) iPod randomly reboots itself and has to be plugged in to play.

Unfortunately, if I wanted to get a new iPod, I either needed to get a 16 gig or a 120gig. What the dump? My whole iComputer is only 100G... but about 45G of that is music. So I wanted a replacement for my old 30 gig ipod... and I couldn't get one.

So, the new iPhone has about 30 G of space, and is a phone.

Guess what I got?

Now, as I am soon to be unemployed, you would think this wasn't a wise thing. But hey, I'll find a job. "Would you like fries with that?" See?! I can work!! And, I couldn't play Alchemy or Cat Physics without my new iPhone...


Speaking of the Mom Effect, Mom is horrified by what we feed our kids for breakfast. Usually, it's leftovers. For example, this morning, they had half an orange, half an apple, and a bowl of pasta.

Spaghetti: the official cereal of the dusty aviary!

So, it's food pantry Sunday at church. The priest asks all the kids, "What did you have for breakfast today?"

Great. Like this congregation needs more reasons to think we're a strange family.

Luckily, when he called on the moth, the only thing Tim could remember to say was "fruit!" God bless not-so-tiny Tim! While all the other kids said things like waffles in syrup and bacon and eggs, our kids are healthy with fruit! Heh.

Stinky was busy playing with his acolyte cross. That's right. Sean has started serving mother church. He likes it because he gets to play with fire. I like it because he's far from his brother. Win-win.


There's not much new, otherwise. Hunkered down, waiting for spring. Actually got out to run 2 times this week! And could only manage 3 miles at a shot. But, it will all get better, probably in a longer time period, now that I'm the other "f" word (not fifty...).

Planning summer. Who wants the kids to come for a visit? Parents are optional...