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February 25, 2008

Stinky's Theory

Sean displayed a key piece of wisdom tonight: The more worser somethings tastes, the better gooder it is for you.

makes sense, no?


Engineer Tim continues to be crazy. He walks around the house in his enineer hat and sunglasses (corey hart, eat your... hart out) carrying my old train tickets. What a weirdo. Gotta love him!


I've managed to be assigned another class at school. It seems that one of the other teachers - one with 2 years experience (I have 2 weeks) - has decided to stop showing up for school. So they reward her with lightening her load for when she comes back. I get one of her classes.

Show up, get punished. The students are torqued, I'm exhausted, and the only one who benefits is the slacker. I always knew life wasn't fair, but wow. This takes the cake.


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