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October 04, 2008


So, to update an old post, I just found the Harry Potter book. Sean had tucked it behind his Narnia series. I was standing there, cleaning up his CD's and thinking "that book has to be somewhere... maybe in another book?" And, le voila, as les francais might say. We are a happy pair, stinky and I.

Other updates...

Moth man is doing well in school, and is playing with all manner of kids every day when I pick him up. He is a social butterfly. As is his da, these days. Why, you ask? John's "boss" in the cub scouts has gotten seriously ill. He will get better, thank goodness (he's a great guy), but meanwhile the scouts aren't a priority. SOoooo... john is the grand poo-bah. Heh.

My school is still crazy. We had a student die of MRSA last week, which was really, really sad and kind of scary. We had a fire drill yesterday, and I can tell you, they're a lot more fun than real fires! Though I did "accidentally" start some fires in my lab this week - kids are a lot more interested in seeing more "exothermic" reactions now. Heh.

There's a new TV show that I'm interested in seeing - it's called Eleventh Hour. It just looks interesting from the ads. So, I TiVo - Eleventh Hour. And guess what? It's an old BBC series starring my fave, Patrick Stewart. And BBCA is showing that series this week, also. So, I'm TiVoing both! I love TiVo.

and with that, I'm going to post this, before I forget. Again.

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