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September 20, 2008

Shoppin from A to Z

Every time my dear husband fixes eggplant, as he is doing today, this old Toni Basil song pops into my head.

Thank you, so much, Amy A, my best friend from middle school, for making sure that I had a complete 80's experience. I never would have known this song without her.

We are doing well in birdland. We have become a soccer family, much to my horror. I spent two friggin hours of my life that I will never get back this morning watching the Moth flutter in the wrong direction half the time. They're cute... for 45 minutes. After that? I have laundry waiting.

My school continues to be randomly weird. I have a FANTASTIC room this year - it's an actual lab with sinks, gas jets, lots of electric outlets, and storage. Drawers and drawers of lockable storage. So, I put my stuff in the drawers. I came in last Thursday morning to find that maintenance had screwed 2 drawers - not even the top two or right most two, just two random drawers - shut. I had to unscrew them to get to my rulers and paper. Why, you ask? No one seems to know. So, with a big shrug, I go on to make my lesson plans about JJ Thompson and the plum pudding.

My concerns about Spaceley's have started to come to fruition. They had surprise layoffs a few weeks ago, and there are strong possibilities of worse to come. I'm glad I'm out of there, for sure, though I do miss the guys I worked with.


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