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August 19, 2008

Mud In Your Eye

Scotch and soda
Mud in your eye
Baby do I feel high, oh me, oh my
do I feel high

This is a lazy kind of update, as the mood of this song will attest.

I'm sitting at my desk, drinking my new favorite... club soda, lots of ice, and a splash of
chambord. John thinks it's foul. Since I'm a flightless hag, I suppose that is appropriate.

Less than two weeks til opening day, and I still don't know what I'm teaching. I called my school, and they said they still didn't have that info. I mean, I don't want my rosters. Just the subjects and the books! Ah, well, another sip, and it doesn't matter. Is this how alcoholics start?

I'm feeling a bit fatalistic about the whole thing. I mean, how prepared can I be? But I made it through last year, and G-d knows, if I survived that, I can survive this. But it's back to dreams of getting shot or getting beaten up or having my car break down on that one stretch of road where all the people look at me as if to say - what the hell are you doing in our part of town?

On a positive note, I confirmed today that I am allergic to Clif Bars. The small ones make my "tongue tickle" and slightly poison me. In the large bar size, they give me the sweats and all the other signs of major food poisoning. (figuring out this mystery has only made me ill 3 times. 3 times too many!) I'm glad I found out before school started, because last year, I lived on these things. I guess it's back to yogurt and salad.

So, I'm culling back. Not making the kids do homework every day now, not going anywhere if I can help it. Enjoying every last minute and trying to bore myself out of my mind so I am absolutely chomping at the bit to go back. And I am excited to go back. I just wish I were more prepared.

Why are you reading this? Go enjoy YOUR summer!




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