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September 21, 2008

Sunday Pass Times

Sunday. Such a mixed bag.

I start out the morning with correcting that I didn't finish on Friday. Also, since I'm teaching a new-to-me subject, I have lesson planning in the afternoon that takes longer than it should. Between, we go to church.

John spends all day Saturday cooking our meals for the week. The last thing he wants to do on Sunday is cook. Especially rushing to cook lunch after church!

So, we usually have our eat-out treat, if we have one at all, on Sunday: McDonald's, pizza, any of the cheap-but-tasty like. But last week, we decided for a treat. We went to our favorite Indian restaurant, which is a big family hit, usually. The food is so different but so yummy!

Unfortunately, it's also named after a fertility temple. And they have reproductions all over the walls and shelves. Stinky noticed these for the first time last week. The tamest of these is something to this effect:

But most of them are much wilder. Stinky was absolutely at his most curious, and wanted to know, since we have all kinds of statuary in his room, if he could have one of these reproductions.

I guess we won't be going there again any time soon, at least, not with the kids!




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