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September 12, 2008


This is a shortie, as, being immersed back in school, I don't have much time for long posts!

Anyhow, John and I were talking tonight... it started with how cute the Moth and Stinky are and somehow turned to Sarah Palin and her interview and her telling her National Guard to go fight the dudes who caused 9/11.

I said, John, those dudes were trained in Afghanistan, not Iraq, right?

He says, yeah, but now Al Quaeda or however you spell that stupid thing, is all over Iraq. The New York Times apparently refers to them as Al Q of Mesopotamia, because that's what they call themselves, I suppose. I'm like, no way. Give me a break. So, I guess my fellow teacher who is getting shipped next Thursday will be going to historic Mesopotamia. Maybe he'll stop by Persia on the way! And pop over to Byzantium whilst he's at it...

Anyhow, we were talking about 9/11. Remember when... we live next to the Philly airport, and it was silent for a week. And the next year, there was a conference for John's job in NYC on 9/11. It had been planned for years in advance. His boss wanted him to go. I wouldn't let him, not that he was willing. We were all so scared of what THEY would do next.

Somehow, I'm not scared anymore. We had a squad of fighter jets go over the other day, and I thought, how neat! Five years ago, I would have come in to look at the TV and see What Happened? But now, it's all in the past. We have reached complacency.

God help us.




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