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September 04, 2008

This is why I say I am a bad mom

I am so mad right now.

I think my kid lost my copy of Harry Potter 1. I bought it when I was on vacation in Britain in 1998. It is, to me irreplaceable.

I am furious.

I know it's just a book. But it's more to me. My set is now incomplete with a raging gap at the beginning. My OCD is furious, my sentiment is lost, and I am so mad I could spit.

Is it possible I lent it out? Yes, but not probable. I don't lend out my books, as a rule. They never come back when I do. And now, despite that precaution, a bibliophobe has destroyed my book sanctuary.

If I were a good mom, I'd shrug this off and laugh. After all, it's just a silly book, and he is my kid. But I think I'm going to hold onto this mad for a long, long time.




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