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September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Richard!

My oldest brother is 20 years older than I am. When I was a wee tyke, he went off to the navy and sailed around, playing trombone, while Vietnam was raging. He really rocks on trombone, apparently. I've not heard him play. Have heard him sing and play guitar, though, and boy, that dude has TALENT.

I have almost no memories of Richard from when I was a kid. The majority of my memories stem from when he married and brought his kids around - they used to camp out at the pond for the entire summer. Sandy and Timmy and Jackie were nominally my nieces and nephews, but were really my siblings.

But he was my brother before he became more like an uncle. I have exactly one memory of Richard from before the camping days. I remember sitting on his lap as he read me a spooky story called "The Ghost of Windy Hill." Isn't that a great memory to have?!

I didn't remember the story line, just the name and the cover. A few weeks ago, on a lark, I looked it up in my local library. What do you know? It was there. I got it out and have read it to Stinky, who has found he likes it pretty well. I like it, too. It's got brave kids who stand up for what is right and a nice little story line. Quite a good story to read to your bratty kid sister.

It's Richard's birthday this week. He's 39 of course :) I know he doesn't read the internet, but some of my other sibs do. If y'all see him, tell him I say happy birthday!


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