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August 24, 2008

What?! Hooters Closed?!

So, I was driving out toward King of Prussia the other day and I noticed that the Hooters was closed. Whoda Thunk? I've never been there, but I thought it did a good trade... though 202 isn't the best location...

They actually got a better location.

They're right next to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, with their big, tacky orange, be-owled sign. To which I say, HAH!

I won't eat at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Why? Because of one lousy experience.

When John and I were in grad school, we saved a bunch of money to go have a nice dinner. John wanted a good steak. So we made reservations at RC, which word had as the best steakhouse downtown at the time.

We showed up 20 minutes early, in our best clothes. Which were obviously the good, but not very good, clothes of poor people. Heck, folks, I was living on less than 8000 a year - and this was the nineties. But I digress.

The host took one look at us and smiled this small, patronising smile. We waited for 45 minutes. The restaurant was not full - not even close. But our reservation table ended up next to the restrooms. I've read enough waiterrant to know that's an insult.

Even at the time, I could tell by the way the staff treated us - and kowtowed to the other clientele - they didn't want our patronage. We didn't order the cheapest thing on the menu, and we tipped well. We had, in short, done nothing to deserve such treatment... except look like we were poor.

I don't recall if we said anything to the host or the waiter. I know I wanted to but was too ashamed.

Well, guess what? We didn't stay poor. We've patronized plenty of good, mid- and high-level restaurants. We've NEVER been treated like that anywhere else, even when we wore our student-like clothes. And, we've had much better food in lower priced restaurants.

I will never eat at Ruth's Chris again. There are just too many good restaurants out there to waste my time on ok food and piss poor attitude. If you're in KOP, my advice is to skip RC and go on over to Hooters. At least that will be service with a genuine smile.




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