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August 13, 2008

Portraits of Summer, Continued

I haven't been posting much, mostly because I have to post these pictures, and man, that takes time. At a computer. When it's gorgeous outside. Sigh. My life is just full of such travail.

John took the kids to Hershey Park to spend some time with their cousins. Much fun was had by all!

The bird family migrated alone to Virginia Beach. The boys ADORED the beach, as you can see. It also tired them out big-time. Didn't take a picture of our sand castle, but it totally ROCKED THE HOUSE. I got this new sand-castle making stuff that was really neato. Hard to get the hang of, but it made such realistic looking bricks and towers that I'd recommend it. together with the stuff we found on the beach (that others threw out), it kept me occupied all day and the boys on and off, when they weren't body surfing. But the body surfing did take its toll (see picture 3 below)...

And with that, I bid you auf weidersein. Or how ever you spell that.

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