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June 17, 2008

summer project complete

I had one project I wanted to complete before the summer was over. I wanted the boys out of their bunkbeds into the big room, and the furniture from the big room into the boys' old room.

I've painted and cleaned and disassembled and assembled and moved and it's all done. I allowed Sean to pick the colors, and they don't quite match, but who really cares? They love it. I now have enough room for all their nick knacks and paddywhacks, so of course they're gathering more. I've also put out their dad's treasures - masks from Sierra Leone, boxes from Haiti, fossils from Granny knows where.

My hand - which was healing from the computer programming induced abuse - hurts like the devil between this project and my "who wants to be a science geek" question writing session. But now I have NOTHING over my head for the next 6 weeks. Yipee!
(p.s. if you can read the whiteboard... John wrote that, I think he was channeling Sean, who is currently staying with his sainted grandparents.)


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