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June 17, 2008

Tarot as Vocab Builder

(wow, four posts in one night?! well, John's had the computer all week... he's writing again... so I'm putting down everything I can remember... not that anyone reads these things anymore, anyhow.)

During our last week of school, I've done all sorts of stuff to keep the kids occupied.
  • I taught them how to play blackjack, as it made them add quickly.
  • I wrote out a few hundred multiple choice science, math, and pop culture questions and played "who wants to be a millionaire" for real prizes. (that was surprisingly successful, though my hand still hurts. See below.)
  • I've watched a number of science-related-kind-of films (the Core, Deep Impact, Twister, Dante's Peak, and the Mummy series (archaeology is a science)).
  • I gave tarot readings to a few kids.
yes, it seems like they were all time wasters, though I did try with most to reel in the science and math where I could. The tarot, though? A complete fluke (on my lunch break, both times).

I had a set of Tarot cards from my pre kids life - got them when I was a bookseller for under 5 bucks. Never used them. This was perfect, though. A couple of my girls really wanted to see if they worked. So I pulled them out and followed the directions.

Thing is, the cards were all described with words like obsequity and calamity and deceptive and adversity... words my girls just don't know. But boy were they interested. I think I taught more nickel and dime words to my kids in these tarot sessions than their English teacher did all year. Heh.

I even wound in a science lesson, talking about how time is a fourth dimension and Heisenberg's universes... amazing that a little supernatural makes the natural seem interesting!

Ooh, ooh, and I taught them a history lesson because for some reason, we got to talking about the difference between the Anglican church and the Catholic church and that whole thing just happens to be one part of history I kind of know.

Watch, I'm going to get slapped with doing occultish things, though I stressed the whole time that it was an interesting load of manure. Not real. Not real at all. Just fun.

Think I'll get fired?




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