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May 23, 2008

Taking Coveting to a New Level

I still listen to the local talk radio on my way to work each morning - it helps me keep in touch with my race identity. (Don't you love the jargon? I can almost say it with a straight face these days.) One of the stories I've wanted to blog about but haven't found the time is this one.

Bucks County is still pretty much pastoral burb. It's the last burb that hasn't really been Phillyfied. Murder is not common there.

Murder in a CHURCH is unheard of.

Rather, it was, until this January.

Rhonda Smith was found shot to death in a church basement in January. The locals were completely wigged (rightfully so). But imagine their surprise when it was one of their own? Mary Jane Fonder, a woman who made a PIE for the grieving parents of the victim, was arrested in April for the shooting.

She was jealous of Smith's relationship with the pastor.

This whole case reads like a Miss Marple come to life. I mean, is this woman actually wearing a muumuu?

To thicken the plot, Fonder's own elderly father disappeared some 15 years ago under suspicious circumstances. I vaguely remember the story - he "wandered off" never to be seen again. The gun they suspect she used on Smith was purchased the year her father, who I understand was writing her out of his will, disappeared.
dun da dun dun. Real life imitating pulp.


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