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May 23, 2008

Doesn't It Just Figure

I'm taking today off (my first and only personal day!) to celebrate the Moth's nativity. Yesterday, I woke up sneezing with a sore throat. By last night, it was fever, sweats, inability to swallow... Spring colds stink, but usually I don't get them. I guess this is my punishment for taking a day off.

We're going to ride on a steam train today and we're going to a place my husband detests. But I hear it's great for little kids. The last time we went to the Village, we were poor grad students and we were hanging out with some muckety mucks. They simply didn't comprehend that we couldn't spend more than $10 for lunch. So we drank water and split an appetizer while they had a full meal. It stuck with John for a long time, and he associated it with the place. I'm guessing it's actually kind of nice. They have this "giggleberry fair" thing for kids. It may be awful. I'm betting Stinky and the Moth love it, though.

I wonder if Stinky's school will mark this as an unexcused absence and take us to truancy court. Now, that would be interesting! Our school did that to my parents once - my brother stayed home for something they didn't think was excusable. Consider that most of us had close to perfect attendance (our mom believed if you were home, you were either working on the farm or you were laying down on the couch with no book, tv, radio, or anything else. Believe you me, school was the preferred option.)

One of my best students (she would be a best student in any school) got pulled into truancy court this week. She's missed 4 days total this year. Hell, I met one of my students for the FIRST TIME this week. I've been teaching since early February. I wonder if all of her absences are good?


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