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March 16, 2008

For Some Strange Reason

I woke up with the Gilligan's Island themesong in my head. I read somewhere that the original words ended up like this:

"With Gilligan, the Skipper too, a millionaire and his wife, a movie star and the rest! Here on Gilligan's Isle"

If I were the professor or Maryanne, I'd be ticked. They could fit in all those other folks and not the last two? I guess the writers changed their minds, though, since we now have the doc and the pothead added to the end.

You don't know what I mean by pothead? She's serving time for possession etc in Idaho, of all places.


So, I've been stocking up on shows that I think my kids will like for those nasty rainy days this summer. I've already got The New Adventures of Zorro, and this morning, I ordered Conan the Adventurer. Yes, I have little boy taste. I always have had. Now my stinky and moth are being molded in my image. Mwa ha ha ha!!




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