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March 15, 2008

Spring Break!!

So, it's spring break for our schools this week - both mine and Stinky's. I'm typing in my pajamas right now, and I'm actually almost relaxing. Except there are 4 people trying to talk to me at the same time. I have enough of that during the week, thank you very much.

I'm thinking about investing in a keyboard - I miss piano. Has anyone ever tried a Casio CDP-100? I found one for a decent price ($400) but that's a mighty big chunk of change if it's not a decent keyboard.

We have Grandma with us for a little less than 2 more weeks. The moth has picked up so many of her "grandma-isms". "Actually", a lot of what he says is "nonsense". Two new favorite words, in STEREO from 2 family members. Actually, it's kind of funny. :)

I have survived 6 weeks at my school. This week, I had a lovely young lady in full muslim gear try to hit me with my door, then threaten to kick my ass. What a wonderful cherub! Of course, as she was covered in full burka, I could see nothing but her eyes. Her friend was kind enough to say, "Jasmine, be quiet!" I said, "Jasmine. Hmm. Thanks!" At which point they knew I would go to the school police to report threats and attempted assault against a teacher, and I now had a name and a pretty good ID.

We have a new principal (third of the year) who is very Joe Clark like. He's really cracking down on kids in the hallway. Then again, a new broom sweeps clean, so they say. It's not all bad, in fact a lot of it is good. My kids make me laugh, which is nice.


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