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March 30, 2008

What Are We Teaching Our Children?!

This week, we're Mothless. My in-laws have taken the moth away, gods bless their souls. Stinky's an only child for a week.

So, BirdDad has been reading mythology books to Stinky. Stinky totally grooves on wars and fights and mythology. Kinda like his mom. Anyhow, they have recently been reading Perseus.

For those who've seen Clash of the Titans (and if Vic ever reads this blog, I know he's one of them), you'll remember that Perseus was Zeus's son. Perseus's mom was a beauty by the name of Danae.

Danae's dad kept her locked in a tower to protect her virtue from the ways of men. But apparently he didn't think about the ways of Gods. Zeus, being the horn dog that he is, found out about Danae and decided to "hit that", as my students would say. According to the book my husband is reading to my son, Zeus appeared to Danae as a "golden shower."

A golden shower? I'm not a bacchanal, but I've heard that term before, and it soitenly wasn't holy in its application. In fact, I expect that there should be a "bow chick-a bow bow" music in the background. Which leads me to wonder... what are we teaching him?!

And now, I'm wondering how many google hits I'm going to get for this post. Ah, well.




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