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January 13, 2012

Friday Morning Rants

So, this blog is a place for me to complain, more than I already do. Right?

The place I work is a very old building, and as it is a public property that does not get tourists, it is not very well maintained. Take the bathrooms. They remind me of the bathrooms in the old community building, except there is plumbing. People from Lemon will know whereof I speak. They're dark, cold, dank, the toilet paper holders are barely on the walls, and they're the wrong size for the tp that we get, so it doesn't spin, if you know what I mean.

If this were my place, for real, I'd make some simple changes. I'd put in a toilet paper stand - free standing if you know what I mean - and I'd put real TP in there. We could spring for rolls between us. TP is not that expensive, and to have good stuff would be nice. You know? There's just NOTHING as revolting as using tp and finding it didn't hold up. Or as embarrassing as using too much of the tp for fear of it not holding up, and finding it clogs the crapper.

I'd also put a little corner stand in there, with an extra roll and air freshener.

I already brought in decent hand soap, as I'm allergic to the stuff in the dispenser. Twice this year, actually. It gets used, but I didn't notice anyone rushing to replace it the last time it was gone. Which is why I've done none of the rest of the above.

I really don't like communal things, because people, in general, are creeps. The fridge upstairs is DISGUSTING as is the microwave. I've cleaned both out 2 times since I've been here. WHAT THE HECK, PEOPLE? If you have old food, throw it out! If you spill your milk, well, let me introduce you to a relatively new invention called the NAPKIN.  If you have exploded in the microwave, clean it up! There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON that the turntable in the microwave should CRUNCH as it turns.

I leave you, gentle reader, to consider that statement.


Last night at the aviary, we had a tragedy.

The only present the Moth really wanted for christmas was this incredibly complicated LEGO set. A star wars ship. He spent an entire morning of vacation putting the thing together, and it was fantastic. He played with it EVERY DAY.

And last night, as he was flying it, he lost control. He ended up throwing it into the wall. He started to breathe very heavily - the pre cry - and it just about broke my heart. Especially since the directions for making it got thrown out.

So I sat for about 20 minutes, trying to figure out what went where, Mothy crying, Mom hovering (and pissing me off, till I asked her to stop watching me, to which she said she was going to go home, sigh, I am no diplomat, for sure), and Stinky actually feeling bad for his brother for once.

Then I remembered the internet. And spent the rest of the night fixing the Slave Ship 1.

And I felt like a hero. :)



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