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November 16, 2011

More mad science

According to New Scientist, China has a "one up" on the good old USofA. "During a visit to the UK... (some chinese dude) promised that [his] country would never release as much CO2 per person as the US... on average, every Chinese person emits less than half as much as the average American."

OK, but let's do the wayback machine... a few months ago, they were touting how China was going to get running water to all of its citizens someday - something like 20% of them don't even have that now.

Add to that: china has 3x as many people as the US.

Per person who is ACTUALLY USING MODERN TECHNOLOGY, I'll bet the chinese are dumping 1.5x the amount of CO2 as the average american, simply because they use crap coal plants, almost exclusively, to produce electricity.

Whenever I read crazy people talking about "how the liberal media lies", I want to laugh. Then I read something like this.


The same issue of New Scientist had an entire article devoted to "wrongful life" lawsuits.

It seems that there are a growing number of people who SUE the baby doctors when their children are born "not perfect". An example: a California couple sued for (and won) 4.5 million because their child was born with no legs and 1 arm. They were never told this physical abnormality existed, and it should have been caught in the ultrasound.

Question for those folks: would you have aborted the baby if you knew it didn't have legs? How on earth do you think your child will feel, knowing you sued because he exists? Daggone. I guess I lose the bad mom of the week award, again.

Meanwhile, in Israel, a growing number of CHILDREN are suing doctors for wrongful life. Because of the small genetic pool in Israel, recessive genetic abnormalities are expressed more often. And so, these kids say, they shouldn't have been forced to live imperfectly...

I totally understand, monetarily, why people would do this. But emotionally? I don't get it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sudden bright flash of light and loss of vision is a sign of a retinal tear. Go see an eye doctor ASAP!!


November 20, 2011 11:32 AM  
Blogger birdwoman said...

Amy, I think I just stared at the open window too long. Alas. My vision is as poor as it usually is. Thanks!

November 20, 2011 12:18 PM  

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