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November 18, 2011


So, I'm sitting in my homeroom, freezing my patootie off. My room doesn't have much heat, which is normally fine, because lots of sardines in a can tend to make the temp go up.

But I've been sitting here, grading and planning, since 7am. And I am cold. My toes are numb. I'm wearing winter gear, but it's to no avail.

I have a big cup of DnD coffee, and I've been sipping on it. It's still warm (thank you wonderful Styrofoam) so it should do the job.

Problem... I have to pee. Bad.

what to do what to do???

And it's Friday. Finally. This week has been eternal. Not sure why... not bad, just endless. I think it's because last week was 3 days and next week is 3 days. Alas. Workin for a livin is a good song, but not such a fun concept. Up news, though, is that I've put my Christmas music on my ipod. I have over 1000 christmas pieces, and most of them are not "santa baby" etc. Though, some of them are. Guilty pleasure? You bet. Now, it's time for homeroom to end. Bathroom, here I come!!


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