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November 17, 2011

Corruption? Nevah!

Back in 2007, a bridge collapsed in Minnesota. 13 people were killed. This led to a lot of engineers going around the country and checking out bridges... targeting for replacement.

Shortly after that, PA decided to fix up the Schuylkill river bridges and 476 corridor surrounding them. This was dubbed "blue route improvement," and started well before I left the computer industry (December 2007).

On the way up to my mom's place, in NEPA, there's a bridge, also on 476, over the Lehigh river. It's crazy high, spans another creek with some crazy indian name, and used to give me the chills. They started replacing that one in 2009, I believe. They had to build completely new spans, blow away part of a mountain, and safely divert traffic off of the sagging spans.

The Lehigh project is just about done.

The Schuylkill project has no end in sight.

Do you think there might be some kind of something going on in the background? Job for life kind of stuff?


Meanwhile, in birdland, we are getting ready for the holidays. Mothy is totally OBSESSED with "boba fett slave ship 1" from Lego. I warned him earlier this year that if I stepped on any more LEGOs, he would never get a new set. The floor remains lego free. He keeps coming and begging "Mom, if I give up four presents, can I get the slave ship?" My answer is always something to the effect of "it's so expensive" or "I think you have enough legos already, don't you?" or, the dreaded "we'll see."  Of course, it's already under my bed. But he's given up, I think.

At least he can't put an eye out with it.

Stinky on the other hand has nothing he's asked for. Really! We are at a loss. He wants video games that are way too violent for him. He obsesses enough over war. Doesn't need new fodder for that! At least he's stopped drawing "Bob Chuck Jones:" a cartoon character Sean made up who has tattoos on his face, piercings through eyebrows, ears, lips, and nose, bucked teeth, crossed eyes, a bad haircut, and a prison jumpsuit (he's always behind barbed wire, too). Bob Chuck Jones (like all nefarious dudes, he has three names. What is Jerry Sandusky's middle name, anyhow?) has the distinction of being a complete moron whilst simultaneously being a terrorist mastermind.

OK, I just lost my vision. This is really weird. Everything is white. And I have to teach in something like tenminutes. But this shows I can type without looking, right? Or did I just type gibberish. Aah, here's some vision back. looks ok.

Time to talk about periodic trends! Joy!



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