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January 27, 2008

The Crap that Slowed the World

So, one day on the train this week, I got into a car that was rather fragrant. In a bad way.

By the next stop, we were all evacuated out of that car to the next car, and that car had to be isolated. It seems someone had dropped trou and made a steaming deposit in the train car. The thing that gets me? This is morning rush, and this car is the one that has the driver in it. How did someone manage to do a number 2?

Whatever the case, it delayed our train by about 5 minutes, which caused a much larger population of people waiting at each stop. And we only had 4 cars open instead of 5. It was like Tokyo or a sardine can (I guess with the smells, the sardine can is more apt). And it took about 10 minutes longer in the end.

But, as I said to a friend at Spaceley's, it was still hands down better than my old commute, when I had to drive! (does that indicate how much I HATE driving?)

Have I mentioned that my night classes are in Cole's school, from the sixth sense? Very strange. I keep expecting to see hanged people in the stairwell...




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