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January 27, 2008

Whaz Happenin?

The dusty aviary is not so dusty these days, because my house elf (aka bird mom) is in residence. The clothes are cleaned, the dishes washed and put away, the dust removed and the floors swept. It's awesome.

Stinky is a little jealous that the Moth gets to stay home with grandma. So this week, he got himself sick enough to stay home. Little did he know Grandma's treatment for sick kids is laying in bed with no entertainment. I feel that even if he is sick on monday, he'll return to school.

His ailment has been a strange one. He screams with pain in his belly. Ukes just a bit, then lazes around. He seems to be fine most of the time. Last night, though, he completely freaked me out. He was laughing in his sleep like he was being tickled, then the laughter turned to sobbing. All while he was asleep.

Tim has not caught whatever it is that Sean has got, and I hope it stays that way. One screaming sleeping child is all I can handle!!


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