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January 12, 2007

New Jersey Dealt It

A few days ago, New York City was inundated with a terrible smell. Some sort of thiol was about… and it wasn’t pleasant. People were sent to hospitals, buildings were evacuated, and many accusatory eyes were focused in elevators and on the street.

In the end, it seems the smell originated in Jersey. Big surprise there. You can see the states conversing:

NYC: “Connecticut, do you smell that? Do you have something to confess?”

CT: “Only the lowest breeding would force me to be involved in this conversation, let alone produce something so… base. We blue noses do NOT poot.”
NYC: “True. Rhode Island?”

RI: “Who, me? Dude, I’m too little to do shit, literally. Besides, I believe the saying is he who smelt it dealt it.”

NYC: “Funny. Well, I suppose that leaves me with New Jersey. Jersey, what say you?”

NJ: (snicker) (giggle) “Well, it sure smelled better going in than it did coming out!”

Jersey, you ought to be shamed. Truly.




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