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December 21, 2006

tis the season...

... for procrastination. We just finished our annual newsletter (or I should say John just finished it. All I do is the final edit. And the graphics. And the printing.) yesterday, so I'm finishing the cards today. I took yesterday and today away from Spacwells, and have been doing the christmas thing left and right. Cookies, cards, etc. Should be finishing my cards right now, but my writing paw is sore, so I'm typing instead!

So there's this awesome tape I bought back in 1990. Before I had a CD player. It was a limited release. I only play it once a year, for I know the tape will fall apart given time and wear. I have looked every year for a used copy of the CD. No dice. Until this year. For the highway robbery price of $50.

I bought it. I'm so bad. But you know what? Santa's not bringing me any presents. And there really isn't much I want. But I've wanted this for about 10 years, since I got a CD player. This is the first time I've seen it. And maybe I just made someone else's christmas. Hopefully I did.

One more post, about the kids, and I'm back to work...

Merry Christmas to anyone who comes across this blog. It's okay if you're not Christian. It's just a goodwill thing, I swear.



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