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December 21, 2006

I lied

two more posts. I've not had the chance to update in weeks... so here's some fodder.

We were watching some music videos the other night, and they had a spate of classic rockers on. They had ELP, the Stones, Yes, CS&N, and others. John asked if CSN were american. I said I thought so, David Crosby, yes, but I didn't know about Steven Stills or Graham Nash. John, in his culturally sensitive manner, said "Graham's a Brit name, like Ian or Colin. I'll bet that guy's a limey."

Wikipedia to the rescue. Yes, Nash is British born. I didn't realize just what a soap opera the bands of the late 60's early 70's were! Crosby got kicked out of the Byrds for hanging with Stephen Stills of Buffalo Springfield. They partner swapped again with the Hollies, stealing Nash, and forming CSN.

ELP wasn't much better, and went on to spawn Asia (yikes).

But, as the VH1Classic show we were watching played the songs you don't hear so much, it was really neat. I heard Zepplin I'd forgotten I liked, as well as ELP I didn't know I liked. If only iTunes sold it all!




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