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December 21, 2006

Two Wise Guys

We had our Christmas pageant this past week in church. I feel especially bad for our Sunday School teachers - there are something like 12 boys and 2 girls. Yikes! With the abundance of kids, I was shocked that both boys were given speaking roles:

Sean, overcoming the "fake shy" of a 6 year old under my threats, clearly stated his line "hail king of heaven, I offer you this gift of frankincense." He did a good job, and I certainly told him so.

But Tim, the Ham of the day, grabbed the microphone, and melodramatically proclaimed "Hail king of Sorrows! I offer you this gift of Myrrh!" and stuck out his prop, to the oohs and aahs of the audience. Yul Brenner would have been proud.

He's 3.

I'm telling you, this boy is trouble. He's cute, and he knows it.

(and with that yarn, I've got to finish the cards!!)



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