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August 01, 2005

Crown Him With Many Crowns!

I alluded in a post below to my current sitch with the dentist.

I have exactly one crown in my mouth. It was done back in 2002, and at the time, I was like, are you sure it's not better just to pull the darn thing? The dentist was like, no honey. These things are done every day and last for decades.

At my most recent checkup, the cement was missing in one section of the crown. This means bacteria, the little s.o.b.'s, could get under the crown and eat my defenseless tooth. So off came the crown. Since most of the cement was still in place, this removal involved pliers, torches, and varius other medieval sundries. With me awake and no novacaine. The smells, sounds, and sensations were just Awesome! (sarcasm alert).

Dentist says there was some decay under the crown, so we've got to do all this grinding, new filling, and new crown. (see above re painkillers)

I asked again, why don't we just pull the damn thing (less polite this time). She says, no, no, you should keep your teeth as long as possible.

Just got the copay statement from the insurance company. Now I know why she wanted me to keep the tooth...



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