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July 12, 2005

50 Things I Love About Philly In No Order Particularly - #40

(Like the title says, this is a list of things I've loved about philly, in the 17 years I've lived in this area. Also, like the title says, they're in no particular order. It's also not an inculsive list. These were just the first fifty that popped into my head. I'm gonna dish one up fresh, weekly. Also, I've started at the "bottom" to keep you tuned in. It's part of my nefarious plan for readership. Mwa-ha-ha-haaaaa.)

Washington Crossing

OK, so it’s not really in Philly, but it’s a local landmark. Washington Crossing is – well, just what its name suggests – the place where Washington et al crossed the Delaware River.

It’s a cool little place, very country-ish for its proximity. And it has a really cool lookout tower.

It was there that, back in 1997, John and I, and two of our friends, went to observe the Hale-Bopp comet. We drove up that “mountain” road – hey, we’re back east, and not in the Appalachians, either, but it is a really big hill for the area – on that cold but clear early-spring night. We took our binoculars and trained them on the comet.

Then we got in the car, and went back home.

But it really is a cool place! And a cool memory!

(side note, I really did look, and I didn't see ANY mother ship coming down behind the comet!)



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