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July 27, 2005

Misconstrued Lyrics (I)

Here at Spacely’s, I’m on a production team. So when the dookie hits the fan, it’s my team that gets out the latex gloves, bounty towels and windex.

As you can imagine, just about every email we get has a subject line of “Help!” or contains the word “Urgent”.
It’s gotten so that old Foreigner song is our theme song. (We couldn’t even manage something cool like “Bad Boys Bad Boys, what chu gonna do?”)

And every time someone whistles, hums, plays the mp3, I think of Patti S. Back when this song was popular, and we were kids, we were listening to it on the way home from choir practice. And I swear, she thought the word was “virgin”

“Virgin, Emergency.
Virgin.. Virgin… Virgin… Virgin… Emergency!”

And I still ponder to this day, what on earth would a virgin emergency be? Chastity belt rusted, and you gotta take a dump? Dragon on the way, nary a knight in sight?



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