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July 21, 2005

Tradition..... Tradition!!

OK, so let's say you're in a family that has some weird habits.

You turn mirrors backwards when someone dies.

You throw the first piece of dough into the fire when you're baking bread.

You don't know why you do these things: just that Mom did them, Grandma did them, and darn it, you're gonna do them, too.

How about some more traditions? Like... You light candles on Friday nights. You don't mix meat and dairy when cooking. You don't eat pork...

These are starting to sound a bit more familiar, right?

Recently, I read a wonderful book called Blood Secret. It's a story of a girl who finds herself in a family with these traditions, and who figures out, in a mystical way, that these traditions exist because her family is Jewish. Only, they don't know it. (My review is up on Amazon, if you're interested in more hot air from me on this book... )

Kathryn Lasky was inspired to write this book by an article in the New York Times, I believe it's the one transcribed here, about the crypto-Jews of New Mexico. These are Jews who were hounded through the middle ages through Europe, ran to the new world, and finally, to the Indian frontier, trying to escape persecution, pretending to be or actually adopting the Catholic faith as a matter of self-preservation. But they always kept some of their Jewish traditions.

Now, I know nothing of Jewish history but what I've read here. But it's utterly fascinating, in an "oh my god how did they live through that" kind of way. (and this doesn't even come near Hitler's holocaust!)

Once again, it makes me wonder. Those who have these zionist conspiracy theories - if Jews are so powerful, how come they're afraid STILL to come out of the closet, per say, and admit their own heritage?

If nothing else, read the NYT article. It's worth the effort! (Now, there's a sentiment you won't read from me often.)



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