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July 21, 2005

It’s Fun To Play at the YMCH

So the Heir and the Moth both go to daycare. What else is one to do with one’s offspring whilst pushing the buttons at Spacely’s Sprockets?

Our daycare is standard. They’ve got a few great teachers, mostly good teachers, and a high turnover. They cost a lot, but the goslings are safe. I don’t ask for much more.

But they do.

They’re always asking us to come in and do something with the kids. Come to a party. Come read to the kids. Volunteer your time.

Dude, if I had time, I’d be spending it with my kids. I work 25 miles from home, and daycare is next to home. (John also works 25 miles, but in a different direction.) If they want me to volunteer for an hour, it’s 2 hours, minimum, from work for me. This is not easy: Mr. Spaceley gets awfully upset if my desk is vacant for long periods of time!

Yet, somehow, I get guilted into it. Monday, after having my crown ripped off (no, not my princess crown, either) at the dentist, I went and read a story to the kiddies.

Today, I’m going with the kids to their swimming activity at the YMCA. Yes, I’ll be on a schoolbus for the first time in like 15 years, singing along with Village People.

I figure these two things put me in the black for at least six months.



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